Thursday, 23 August 2007

A very proud daddy....

That's me that is <>

Laura has received her GCSE results today. She received seven A* and 4 A grades

Like WOW man!

Just wanted to say, very well done duckles, we's all proud of you


Did you know

The first tongue-twister to be written down was discovered in Egypt. Translated, it roughly reads: "Stars and water, running through the desert, throwing handfuls of sand."

Saturday, 11 August 2007

Been away...

And now we are back. Went to Spain for two weeks. Now, you know me, I not big on holidays abroad, but this was not too bad. It was very hot (in the 30's by 9. am then getting up to 50 in the middle afternoon - sheesh!). So because of the temperatures all we did was the sea, the pool, the caravan for the shade

We hired a car and only put about 200 km on it. They are the most expensive km's i have every driven !

Laura was a bit obsessed with the sun, and ended up with a touch of sunstroke which meant that on the couple of slightly overcast days we had to stay in c'os she was not well!

Still, we all came back a bit browner than we went, and now back in Sunny Cumbria (ha ha)