Saturday, 7 July 2007

A bit of a do..

An ever shrinking group of CREDITS die hards gathered at Upperby CDC on Friday night to say a fond fairwell to Chris Kania who has moved on to a normal job (Snigger)

She is still involved with Adult Education however and now works '9 - 5' with ITQ's and about 200 apprentices (oo err misses)

We all had a few wines, and a bit of a buffet. A 'slush' fund was presented to Chris with some flowers, which Chris told us she would spend on herself not soft furnishings for her new flat.

Talking of new flats, at the close of the evening a small posy descended on the new flat to have a good gander about. All agreed it was a lovely place - an 'Aladdin's cave' no less. One cupboard in particular was like the tardis. We actually like the tardis in reverse. You open the door and wonder where the room as gone

Best wishes Chris and keep in touch please

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