Thursday, 21 June 2007

Laura's tipsy

Just got back from picking Laura up at St Bees. There was an end of exams party / barbecue at a friends house. Laura's voice was a bit 'slurry' but apparently she is just tired!

Haven't we all tried that one?
Val kindly sent me this picture. She said it would look good on my blog as a self portrait!!
OOo I say Misses - the cheek of it - lol
I will have to scan in that photo of her that i found in the paper a few years ago - Fiona has a copy of it somewhere
A quick puzzle for you:
Look at each of the following words, there is a connection between them. What is it?
Leave a comment with your answer - a prize to the first correct answer


Valerie said...

ever mind a prize for the quiz I want a prize to proof read the site!!

Valerie said...

All peoples names?
Hope I am right
Can't wait for the prize bet its chocolate so I have to hand it back or share!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

ronzo said...

A fantastic response to the quiz!

One entry only. Fortunately that is a winner. Well done Val

Your prize is, erm well, it's a , erm well .. will be on your desktop soon. Just follow these instructions (and be patient)

Go to run, and type in:


Valerie said...

How patient do I have to be still waiting for something to happen!!!!!!!!!!!!

Says done with errors on the page

God have I broke this as well!!!

ronzo said...

Sorry, to be more precise

Click the START button at the bottom left of the screen

Find, then click on RUN

into the box, then click OK
A Window will pop up, with a black screen, watch with awe