Wednesday, 13 June 2007

Learndirect Awards

A great day out with friends at the Bolton Wanderers Reebok stadium. We travelled via coach, making a tasty stop at Tebay Services for a hearty (if early) lunch. Valerie managed, just about, to prevent her pickled onions going walkabout over the table.

The journey continued with much discussion about Gordon Ramsay, Favourite films, great recipes, Desperate housewives and very little about work

We arrived over an hour early, and so took the opportunity to visit the local shops. I declined the offer to join the ladies in NEXT, so I wandered the book, entertainment and electrical stores.

Val bought a tasty little handbag for her sisters birthday

On to the awards and we were all eager with anticipation of coming away with at least one. After all we had nominations against four of the seven categories.

Firstly the centre award for innovation - we were pipped at the post

Next on to the Learning for Employment award. Helen Banton was nominated, but unfortunately pipped at the post also

The Progression award was next with Ron (AKA Richard Hewer) once again being a runner up.

All our hopes were on David Hine for the Outstanding Learner Award. We were so confident. But unfortunately it was not to be. Another runner up

Whilst that looks like failure, we do not class it as that. The achievement was getting their in the first place, so well done to all involved.

We were then treated to a (poor) buffet and some entertainment. Jugglers and magicians wandered around. We all tried our hands at juggling, some were even successful (well done Julie).

The magician was phenomenal. Card tricks - very good. But the trick with the ring. Val gave her ring to the man, who held it in his fist. He then withdrew a key wallet, only to show the ring had disappeared from his hand an re-appeared in the wallet - attached to a key ring holder. Fantastic

And don't even ask about Julie and the limes! (Excuse me can I have a fell of your two limes?)

The coach trip home was time for reflection and celebration. Thanks to Joanne and Julie (Anyone else?) we had plenty of wine and nibbles. The coach seats also managed to get a drink thanks to the hopeless attempts at pouring in a mobile vehicle . Sorry, thanks to the very erratic driving!

Thanks everyone for great company all day

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