Sunday, 24 June 2007

The Weekend

Laura had a good weekend - a practice for her Silver Duke of Edinburgh award. Well, at least she did not give herself food poisoning ;-))

Around 18 students trekked and camped at Eskdale all returned with sore feet and fond memories of Laura's Thermals.

Hayden also had a good weekend. He was the only boy at a party on Friday night. Just him and five girls on trampolines, swimming pools, ten pin bowling. A Chip off the old bock? Nah -I would have run a mile

I and friends from work at a lovely meal at Casa Romana' s at Whitehaven. Thanks to Laura I advised them all to be careful when ordering chicken (Pollo)

The photo's on the left show every one in a happy mood. And you can even see Jen and Debbie having an intellectual conversation. They were whispering at the time. Fortunately I can lip read. Debbie was saying to Jen - "I wish he would point that bloody camera somewhere else"

Unfortunately I did not have the camera ready for the best picture of the evening, when the waiter told Clive there was no draught bitter - just a bottle (Belgian I think). Actually no, the best picture would have been when Clive tasted it)

Conversation was good and included who we would like to join us (Robbie Williams was top of some peoples' list - Can you guess who?), holidays (and why i hate going abroad), the disappointing olives (And me suddenly realising where olive oil comes from -doh)

There was much frivolity from two rather disturbing conversations.

The first had everyone in hysterics over Debbie and Tracy's recollections of their mothers falling over . Yes, that is right, everyone laughing at two women falling - disgraceful. But wine had been flowing at that point (Or pints of lager for Debbie)

The second most haughty moment was , well all I can say is tinned whipped cream, and I am leaving it at that

And I can say even less about the story of wet shoes!!!!!

Thanks all for a lovely time, and looking forward to the Quince and Medlar - at least i will be able to have a drink

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